Marafun Safety


Our aim is to have a safe and fun event!




  • St John Ambulance with trained personnel

  • Course Marshals with high visibility jackets

  • A roving Marshal to patrol the course

  • Refreshment points at regular intervals around the course

  • Course briefing before the start pointing out particular hazards

  • An emergency number to call to get help during the race




  • Seek medical advice on your fitness and ability to complete the event before you participate

  • Arrange insurance to meet your own personal and family requirements for this event

  • Carry a working & operational mobile phone with you - ensure you have the correct race emergency number logged 

  • Ensure you have appropriate footwear and clothing for this event, taking into consideration weather conditions on the day

  • Attend the safety briefing, abide by the race rules and advice given in the safety briefing




For your safety, marshals are stationed around the course about every 1 km (on average). They have three main roles:

  • Safety – Helping runners/walkers cross roads safely. Marshals have access to the St John Ambulance team by phone.

  • Directions – making sure participants know where to go next.

  • Providing refreshments and encouragement.


It is the responsibility of all participants to ensure they attend the safety briefing and are aware of the rules of the event before participation. Whilst we will take all reasonable steps to ensure participants' safety, the organisers, supporters, sponsors or any associated parties with this event will not be held responsible for any incidents or accidents connect with this event. 

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The Marafun is a fun event to raise funds for good causes. All participants enter entirely at their own risk and are advised to arrange insurance to meet their own requirements. All distances are approximate. All data and pictures captured either before and on the day of the event will be stored and used for administration purposes and publicity for future events.

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